quinta-feira, 26 de abril de 2012

Eu acho que aprendi a ser criança com você.

Sorrir me parece tão inocente...
Beijar me parece tão puro...

Quando eu te abraço e sinto seu toque, é como se várias borboletas passeassem no paraíso, coloridas, fazendo-me viajar em um mundo só meu... só nosso.

Gosto de brincar; de jogar videogame e até desejo ter uma coleção do pokémon.

Eu acho que voltei a ser boba, de um jeito bom, com você... Você me fez alguém melhor.

Eu te amo.

domingo, 8 de abril de 2012


I guess that being watching my movies and keep listening to my music makes me another person, who has no problems or bad feelings. I wish I could live in this world of fantasy forever and ever... It's so warm here. Nobody can hurt me. Nobody can see me. And I'm still not eating well, but that's good in some way... I have to change my habits, anyway... I wish I had courage to work out, but I can badly sleep some nights and go out of my bed... That's the reality now, but something is gonna serve like a lesson, that only living we can learn.


Sometimes when you close yourself in a box, or something like that, it's worth it, because people aren't really prepared to see us the way we really are all the time... Most of the time they just wanna see us like they want, and we can't put a mask - not with bad intentions -, in every situation...

Of course, we could wear it some days, we need it, because there are those times that you just wanna go to your room and cry... cry all night long, but you can't. You must smile to people and say nice things, even when you don't want to... Isn't that put a mask? Of course it is... but not in a bad way, just because you need it, that's all. They want that. Everyone likes nice and friendly people... and you should be happy 24h per day.

 I don't know why but sometimes I guess that I am in a imaginary place... And then I put some DVDs, watch some films and sitcoms, and travel into this stories that isn't even real... But I feel like home in some way. Yeah, nobody can really understand nobody, that's the truth, but when it comes to be in society, and you must dress up with your best clothes and smile to everyone because if you don't, they aren't gonna like you, and you'll be alone all the time, and even if you enjoy giving some time for yourself, we need to see other people.

I keep wondering why some people just can't care about anybody else... and why somethings just has to happen, even if your heart says that it hadn't... Maybe it's some experience... we are learning all the time with those kind of things... And I really am learning... to be by myself, and to don't need of anybody... almost in most of the time. That's good enough.